Peppermint and other Distros not listed in unetbootin (SOLVED)


I want to install Peppermint on to a USB stick using unetbootin but Peppermint and others aren’t listed does this matter or do you
select any of the listed Distros to create a bootable USB drive?

Was also interested in trying Zorin which also isn’t listed


Hi cicero

You don’t have to choose from the distros listed you can select any .iso you have downloaded to your hard drive by ticking the checkbox “Diskimage” then navigate to your .iso

personally I’ve always found unetbootin a bit hit and miss so if you have any problem you can also try startup disk creator you’ll find it in the repos listed as “usb-creator-gtk”

Good luck


Hi, again Graeme

Hope you are OK.

Thanks for the info.