Peppermint - customised

The following threads may be of interest to anyone using peppermint-2.

re/ compositing, etc.

apps to enhance desktop and others.

more responsive desktops.

My 3d desktop with AWN (dock)

Thanks duncanW … Peppermint seems to be a firm favourite with quite a few people on this forum (myself included), some of which are heavily into desktop “tweaking” (yes, I’m thinking of you BkS :wink: ), so I have no doubt your links will come in handy :slight_smile:

I’m currently only running Peppermint on my AA1 netbook with a limited 8GB SSD, so desktop customisation isn’t something I’m looking at … but if/when I bung Peppermint on my desktop, I’ll have more scope for “tweaking” :slight_smile:

@Duncan - Could you please resize your screenshot has it goes way outside the forum page limit. Ta.

On the original post -

Funnily enough, I’ve got Peppermint the way I need it setup now.

Got Conky, xcompmgr (for compositing, very lightweight!) and a few other bits and bobs.

Here’s a screenshot. Running dual-monitors btw. Xcompmgr has a few bugs which I need to figure out, I’m good atm.

Normal desktop (Click for larger view)-

With Guake open (Click for larger view)-


People (including me) might be interested in how you achieved your transparent terminal doo-dad … fancy writing it up ?

It’s just Gauke. Installed it from the repos. F12 if the shortkey to bring it up. :slight_smile: Very handy!

Hmm … I’d never heard of that before :o


Guake … not Gauke :wink:

I like it.

You should try it. Once you’ve used it once, you’ll never go back to normal terminal windows again. >.<

It’s so easy to just press F12 and it drops down. Especially handy if your copying commands from a web browser or text editor, etc.

See my edit above … I’ve just installed it … and I like it already.

Told ya.

I’m not normally big on customisation, unless there’s a point to it … this is a handy terminal with tabs, and the added benefit of being pretty.

Yep, LXTerminal just wasn’t my thing. It was plain and boring. Came across Guake whilst looking for other terminals in the repos. :slight_smile: