Peppermint in Genral

I have been told some good things about Peppermint and it has been suggested that I would be better off using Peppermint instead of Ubuntu.
Is it possible to have both Ubuntu and peppermint on the same laptop and chose which to use at start-up if I partition the hard drive? Can I try peppermint from a usb drive as I did with Ubuntu originally? Will the same programs work on both Ubuntu and Peppermint, eg, Briscad, master pdf, Thunderbird mail?


Yes to all of your questions :slight_smile:
You’ll need to be careful with partitioning when you do go for the install, but we can provide guidance (or, there are several online already if you don’t wish to wait for responses)

What is the spec of your laptop? CPU & RAM? If they are pretty decent, you may not notice much between Ubuntu & Peppermint

Laptop it a Acer Aspire 5755G
8 GB Ram
Intel® Core™ i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz × 8
500 HDD
HDD is partitioned 300GB to Ubuntu and 200 to windows.

As for speed of it. it seams ok, Just the net that’s a bit slow. But I can only get 1.5 to 2MB speed on my phone line.

How do I run peppermint from a usb stick?
Would do that first to see what it is like.

Dude, unless you surf the net with 50+ tabs open, I highly doubt you’ll find Peppermint quicker with those specs. But running a live session can’t hurt (will be slow though, performance running from USB isn’t indicative). I use “Linux Live USB Creator”, it’s a Windows program. You’ll need a spare USB stick (the process will wipe it), a Peppermint ISO, and the aforementioned program. I can give better instructions tomorrow, if you can’t suss it out.

But with those specs, I’d have to recommend Mint 17.1 Cinnamon, that machine is better than mine, and Mint flies on it.

Nothing wrong with trying Peppermint, but as Chemicalfan says, I wouldn’t be expecting much (if any) speed improvements on that spec … that beast is gonna be idling no matter what you put on it :wink:

If you wanna try Peppermint, I’d wait till June 1st when Peppermint 6 is slated for release

On which OS do you intend to create the LiveUSB ?
and does it need persistence ?