Peppermint OS web site certificate issues [SOLVED]

Hi All

Have been trying to access the Peppermint OS web site and forum for the past couple of days with the following message: “Web sites prove their identity via certificates, which are valid for a set time period. The certificate for expired on 23/02/2020.” Following Mark’s tragic passing I do hope all is well.


First make sure Firefox is the latest version. When the “Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead page” in Firefox loads click advanced then select accept risks, it loads fine. The problem is after Mark`s passing no one knows the correct credentials at the moment. I would think that very soon it will all be sorted but it is OK and safe to carry on using it.

Apparently the SSL has a 90 day cert so it needs replacing every 90 days, hence the problem arising now. The warning is to let you know that something is wrong, well we know what is wrong and it`s nothing sinister.


Thanks for your reassurances, wishbone - I should have added I was using Ff 73.0.1 (64bit)!

No Problem. It should all be sorted shortly, hopefully!