peppermint report

I am still much enjoying my experience with Pmint on my AA1. My daughter now has it on her old Dell also - her 5 year old uses it.

I have had to reinstall the OS twice though when the system just froze and locked me out (Its working great at the mo). The Dell has just locked up similarly. I only use the pc for fun, so it is of little consequence to us. We are just making a report for your interest.

What I would like is a simple routine for “housekeeping” - a la Windows maintenance stuff. Bleachbit I just find baffling!


I’ve never had Peppermint “lock me out” … can you explain what you mean by that.

It may be a good idea to create a “user” account, and use that for everyday use … then if things go wrong, you can log onto the main account for administrative purposes (such as adding a new user account, or fixing the messed up one).

The only other thing I can think of is that you may have some bad sectors on the hard drive.

Housekeeping … there is no real need for “housekeeping” ???

What exactly do you mean ?

will keep you informed…

Okey dokey :slight_smile: … as always, if you need assistance, or have any questions … feel free to ask.

Thanks for letting us know your Peppermint your experiences so far.

My AA1 is working A1 after the OS reload -but when (if) it happens again I will document the problem and send.

My daughter’s Packard Bell Pentium 4 (2003 XP) just freezes on opening. But - she tells me - this was the original fault which prompted her to buy a new PC.! But Pmint had been working on it beautifully. …

Thanks Brian … let’s hope there’s no need :slight_smile:

I’m going to guess there are some bad sectors on the hard drive of your daughters old laptop … IMHO Linux tends to be more stable on drives with bad sectors than Windows (it doesn’t seem to move the files around as much as Windows), but depending on what was written to them it can still be brought down by an unreadable block that contains an important system file.

Checking the SMART data in “Disk Utility” may give an indication of the state of the hard drive.

Be Aware … there will be NO SMART data for the Acer Aspire One’s SSD … the SSD doesn’t support SMART.

And just in case you’re wondering what SMART data is …

SMART = Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology

Smart - Wikipedia.