Peppermint six install advice

Happy New Year everybody hope you all had a good Christmas and not finding your resolutions to hard to pursue.

A work colleague has just purchased this

And has asked me to install peppermint on it.
I’ve advised a dual boot and already have a live USB (32 bit) that I have just put on my desktop.
Just wanted to check if there are any known issues in my near future?

None that I can see, BUT as it’s probably UEFI you’ll need the 64bit version of the Peppermint 6 respin if you want to dual boot it with preinstalled Win8/8.1/10

The 32bit version, or the original 64bit version of Peppermint 6 won’t work on GPT disks with UEFI … support was only added in the respin.

Download the 64bit version of Peppermint 6 from the main site and you’ll get the respin which does work on GPT / UEFI

Then test there’s no hardware issues via the LiveCD / LiveUSB … anything that doesn’t work, we’ll figure out prior to installation :wink:

Thanks Mark I’ll do that tomorrow.

Just a quick update.
The install went as expected and all was well but the wifi disconnected after about 15 minutes and wouldn’t re connect apparently (I wasn’t there)
I’ve said I’ll have a look but he’s young and said he’ll get to it when he has time.
Not that I think it’s anything to do with it but he’s got Virgin internet at home, could be super hub problems but I don’t think so atm.

Can you post the output from:

sudo lshw -C network


rfkill list


lspci -vnn | grep -i net

and if it’s a USB wireless adapter


I certainly will when he gets around to doing anything about it.
We are fifty miles apart and anything done well be via phone and email.
He did say he was going to join this forum but clearly hasn’t yet.

Yep, sure is gonna be hard to help him then :wink: