Peppermint Upgrade question

Hello all, long time no speak.

I have been finishing my dissertation in the last few weeks so I have had to be away for a while.

Quick question. I know that Peppermint is based on Ubuntu. I have used other Distros that are also based on Ubuntu. When I used to upgrade those OSs (such as the 10.10 upgrade) they would update the system to a Ubuntu 10.10 and loose the original OS completely.

What I want to know is should I upgrade peppermint to 11.10, or should I ignore this as it may result in me having to use Ubuntu?



IGNORE the upgrade to 11.10 option, it WILL break PeppermintOS Two.

AFAIK, there is currently NO (working) option to upgrade PeppermintOS … you have to do a fresh install.

I’d expect PeppermintOS Three to be out in the not too distant future … wait till then, then do a fresh install.

Cheers for the quick reply Mark.

As a group of developers you would have thought the Peppermint guys to have slightly changed the update manager…or is that just me thinking this. oh well

Cheers again :slight_smile:

Having an “upgrade” option that would upgrade PeppermintOS would mean a lot more work on their behalf, and the maintaining of extra software repositories (PeppermintOS uses the Ubuntu repos) … not to mention there’s nothing to upgrade to yet, PeppermintOS 3 isn’t out yet … I would however have thought it quite easy (and something they should have done) to REMOVE the “Upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10” option from Update Manager, specially considering it will break PeppermintOS.

But I’ll forgive them one little oversight … PeppermintOS rocks:)

Removing the upgrade' option in future releases of Peppermint has been brought up with the developers. The update’ option works fine and I have found after hundreds of updates' over the last year, my o.s. (Peppermint-2) has steadily become faster and has yet to break. Peppermint is the most stable and bug free (+ never crashes, etc) I have used in 25 years of computer use. This includes the fact that I have heavily customised the desktop and am using beta kernels’ and ppa’s.

Obviously I am a Peppermint fan, this is because I love the damn thing and am so glad I moved away from microsoft. I use Peppermint for a lot of web development and am over-impressed with how stable and dependable it is…

Just posting to make sure people differentiate between the Update and Upgrade buttons n Peppermint.

Update = Fine, and should be used regularly

Upgrade = DO NOT USE … it will break Peppermint