Peppermint5 USBcreation

Hi all,

This will be my very first post here, as I’m completely new to Linux and Peppermint5. But I hope I can help a little bit with this post, as I found a solution to the creation of a USBdrive for the new Peppermint 5 release. (At least for my netbook)

Last week I got an older Acer Aspire One 150 ZG5 loaded with the outdated WinXP OS. The previous owner didn’t want to work with XP any more, and gave the netbook to me. The hardware is in good condition. I waited for the release of Peppermint 5 and then followed the instructions for downloading and install. I downloaded the .iso (checked the md5sum) and UNetbootin. I created the USBdrive as instructed with UNetbootin from my Win7 laptop.

After finishing I connected the USBdrive to my Netbook (prepared the boot-sequence) and booted the netbook. First time nothing happened. I got message that no bootmanager was find. A little Google search pointed me to the wrong NTFS file system I used. So I recreated the USB drive and before I formatted to Fat32. After recreation booting the netbook returned the copyright message of Syslinux: ‘SYSLINUX 4.04 EDD 2011-04-18 Copyright (C) 1994-2011 H. Peter Anvin et al_’. Nothing happened. No bootmenu, nothing!

After a lot of re-creations of the USBdrive and hours searching for solutions (I found a lot of people have this problem with versions of Ubuntu too on different hardware) I found the solution:

I switched to the bootable USBdrive creation software named ‘Rufus’. I created the USB drive with default settings and formatting enabled.
And yes, now I can boot the Acer Aspire one 150 ZG5 with the new Peppermint5. :slight_smile:

I’ve not yet installed Peppermint5 on the harddrive, but the Live version looks already very impressive. Till now I haven’t find any issues with drivers etc. Even touchpad and batteryload checker works correct. Great. Good job you did!

Thanks for that, I’d never heard of rufus before … I’m sure that info will come in handy for someone :slight_smile:

The AA1’s can be very “iffy” about which USB sticks they like.

As the Peppermint 5 ISO’s are isohybrid images, another option would be to use the “dd” or “cat” commands from Linux to write the ISO image to a USB stick … or in Windows I gather this:

can also write isohybrid images to USB sticks

Thanks Klipper, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ll shortly be updating the previous tutorials for installing Peppermint on AA1’s for Peppermint FIVE … which will include installing TLP for better battery life, getting the right hand SD slot to work properly, stopping th fan from being constantly on, and a few other tweaks specifically for the AA1.

I downloaded the 32bit file and created the USB using Universal-USB-Installer- as for Peppermint 4. All went without a hitch, but I shall refrain from installing it on wife’s AA1 until Mark has produced the tutorial.

Thanks for the other tutorials.


Tutorial will be forthcoming SOON, just need to test a couple of things, and type it up :slight_smile: