PeppermintOS Two vs Fedora 16


I’m all set to update my AA1 to Peppermint Two (USB sorted, Peppermint already test driven), but before I do, I was wondering what the general feeling was about Fedora 16? Is it a viable alternative to Peppermint? Or would the AA1 struggle with Fedora 16? Are they vastly different?

Thanks :wink:

Though I’ve never tried Fedora 16 on an AA1, if you were to use one of the default desktops (Gnome or KDE) I’d guess the AA1 would struggle unless you upgraded the RAM from 500mb to 1.5gb

The full Fedora 16 (default install) is also likely to use more of the limited space on the AA1’s 8gb SSD

I’m not saying it wouldn’t be possible to use a lighter desktop (in F16) such as LXDE, and trim down the default installed applications … but then you’d pretty much end up with PeppermintOS (with RPM package management rather than DEB) so I can’t really see the point.

But it’s your call, what you start with and how you customise it to suit your hardware and/or requirements is up to you … that’s the Linux way :slight_smile:

PeppermintOS is only a suggested starting point that’s in my opinion well suited to the AA1, that I’ve written a tutorial for … if you feel up to starting with something else, feel free … after all it won’t cost you anything (except your time) to experiment :slight_smile:

I will go with Peppermint because from what I’ve seen so far, I really like it. I guess I was just curious what you thought of Fedora.

I’m a fan of apt/DEB package management, and don’t really like RPM … but that’s just a personal choice … so I tend to stick to Debian based distro’s.

PeppermintOS is based on Ubuntu 11.04, which in turn is based on Debian… :slight_smile: