pH meter that works with Arduino to measure the pH of liquids

hi dear friends,

i am currently working out a ph-measurement-set - that is based on Arduino

well there are lots of tutorials, explanations out there:

i found a neat one: See:

pH meter Arduino, pH Meter Calibration, DIYMORE pH Sensor, pH Sensor Arduino Code, pH of liquids

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pH meter Arduino Code, Libraries, and programming:
pH meter Arduino, pH Meter Calibration, DIYMORE pH Sensor Arduino Code

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DFrobot pH Sensor with Arduino, working, calibration, and pH value of different liquids:

DFrobot pH Sensor with NodeMCU ESP8266 for water quality monitoring:

Arduino Nano

Arduino Uno:

pH Sensor Kit DIYMORE

pH Sensor Kit DFrobot

128x64 SSD1306 Oled display Module

well - i like this setup - meanwhile - some of the folks have used a ESP32

but iguess that i can do this with Arduino Uno or so

look forward to hear from you