Philips SHB7000 Bluetooth Headphones (Revisited)

Hi all,

This afternoon I received my brand new SHB7000 headphone. After some research and configuring, I managed to get audio via bluetooth out of the headphone. After that, the next mission was to get the microphone working, but I don’t think I’ll ever succeed in this mission.

What have I tried until now? I followed the following thread on this forum:
Although my OS is Kubuntu 14.04, this thread did allow me to get sound out of the headphone speakers. After that, I did try all suggestions in this thread which I hadn’t tried yet, but my microphone kept refusing. Also many solutions available on the internet weren’t solutions for me I guess… I installed Blueman, but that just caused the headphone to not work at all (no sound, no recording), and some tweaks in the bluetooth/pulseaudio-settings did not help much either.

Is there a standard way to approach this? Or is this a specific problem? I’m not even entirely sure whether microphone recording is possible via the A2DP profile, or whether that’s only supported with HSP? Some people say A2DP is capable of recording, other say it isn’t? I hope it is??

Hope you can help me!

I tested on the device on windows 7, and A2DP seems to work with both the microphone and the audio at the same time. Question is… why are people saying A2DP doesn’t work with microphone??

It seems that A2DP indeed does not support microphone, but windows is likely to have high-quality support on HSP or something like that. Would this also be available in some way on (k)ubuntu?

Sorry I haven’t got a bluetooth headset with a mic … so I have no way of testing HSP/HFP

Maybe something in here will help:

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, after some further investigation I had to decide to return the headset and buy another one instead, one with a dual Jack plug which will work for sure. Thanks for your help anyways.