pip v apt-get

Hi guys

this morning I discovered youtube-dl wasn’t working anymore I assumed it was because youtube had changed something so I tried apt-get update but that made no difference,
now i understand the very nature of youtube-dl means it will eventually stop working making the repo version obsolete so I checked the youtube-dl webpage looking for a PPA which wasn’t available but suggested as one means of installation using pip so I installed python-pip from the repos then ran

sudo pip install --upgrade youtube_dl

which uninstalled the old version and installed the latest and now it’s working fine.

As I’m not adding a PPA i assume I wont get update notifications but a simple

sudo pip install --upgrade whatever-package

will bring that package up to speed

pip isn’t something I’ve seen mentioned or discussed on any forum but it’s certainly an effective tool at least it was in this case and makes me wonder why it isn’t more widely used as a means of keeping software updated

I think this only works with python software but I’m not 100% sure of that maybe someone can confirm that for me


It doesn’t get all packages (as you say seems limited to python packages) … so it’s somewhat limited in scope.
(I’m also not sure that packages installed in this manner are understood to be installed by apt … so if you later install something via your normal package managers, they may pull in the old version from the repos … synaptic certainly doesn’t appear to be aware of youtube-dl installed via pip)

youtube-dl (2015.05.20) is also available as .deb packages from here:

for vivid (15.05)
for utopic (14.10)
for trusty (14.04)
for precise (12.04)

as is the latest GUI version youtube-dlg (0.3.8-1 - 2015.05.25):

for vivid (15.05)
for utopic (14.10)
for trusty (14.04)
for precise (12.04)


Add to that the fact that python-pip wouldn’t install via the repos on my Peppermint 6 machine, it was trying to pull in dependencies that didn’t exist ???
though I could install it via a script downloaded with curl

curl "https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py" -o "get-pip.py"


sudo python get-pip.py

and I’m not overly impressed, and would stick to apt package management whenever possible.

Add to that the fact that python-pip wouldn't install via the repos on my Peppermint 6 machine

That’s strange because it installed fine on my PM6 PC

and I'm not overly impressed, and would stick to apt package management whenever possible.

Yeah I agree but I was impressed with how it solved my youtube-dl problem and the fact I can now easily update it when youtube shift the goal posts again without adding a PPA

That said there is probably downsides to this and it’s not something I would use regularly


Maybe a 32/64bit thing . or could be sommat I’ve broken on my system, wouldn’t be the first time :slight_smile: