playing dvd on linux

recently bought some dvd’s tried to play them on ubuntu 10.10 but the movie player on it doesnt read the discs.'cant read from source. i dont have the internet at the moment so its very difficult to try to figure out how i can do this. so i also will be a few days before i can view this post again. i did try to download vlc on a usb stick and run it through wine but i cant get it to recognise that theres a dvd in the computer. i wanted videolan for 10.10 but the only way i could find how to download it was through command lines. so i was hoping someone knew where to download the actual file so i can put it on a usb stick then put it on my computer. if not ill just have to wait a few more weeka until my internet is installed.

VLC is native with Ubuntu, more importantly native with Linux. If you go into the Ubuntu software center and search VLC you’ll be able download and install it. I’m guessing your laptop probs needs updating, or needs the restricted extras from the repos.

First you’ll NEED an internet connection…

See here:

For instructions that include installing and setting up libdvdread4, which will in turn install libdvdcss2… which is needed for reading DVD’s that use CSS (Content Scramble System), which is pretty much all commercial DVD’s.

Ubuntu can’t include this by default for licensing reasons… but they’ve included a way for YOU to install it :wink:
(Linux Mint on the other hand, include it by default… maybe they think they’re small enough to fly under the radar)

Microsoft can include it with Windows because they pay for the license, then pass that cost on to you.

From what I gather, even VLC will have difficulty without this.

thanks for the replies ill have to wait till my internet is wired in then.