Plesk Name servers

Hi there guys, could any one help me understand how to set up name servers in my plesk panel on my server so that i may add my domain purchased from to my host.

Kind of new to Linux but i have been learning SSH and have an ubuntu box also.

Cheers Makin

Ok, help us to understand what you have;

It sounds like you have a virtual server hosted somewhere, running Plesk on OpenVirtuozzo ??

Can you tell us what package you have and with whom ??

Can you explain what your aims are re; this machine / Plesk / a domain name ??


So i have a linux ubuntu virtual box with cloud next this includes a plesk panel. I also have ssh connection to the box using ssh secure shell. I have a domain i purchased from and whish to set up ther name server on my box fdor the domain so that i can use it with my box.

Cheers for any help.

I essentially aim to install SMI- which if your not familiar with is a linux open source shoutcast management interface for shoutcast radio servers.

Ok, first off I’m assuming you are using the free plesk option (one domain?) , in which case you’re probably far better off scrapping plesk and doing it “by hand”. At some point you’re bound to want a second domain at which point you’re paying for Plesk … Secondly, for a single domain it’s hardly worth the bother of running your own domain name server … just for kick off you want a primary AND a secondary, which you can’t do on the one box.

fyi; if you register a domain with someone like 1-2-3 reg (a) it’s cheaper than myplesk (b) they will give you the equivalent of the Plesk domain manager, but using it is fairly easy and it’s not restricted (and I can step you through it) and (c) they will provide you with secondary DNS automatically.

So … in summary you’re probably making your life more difficult than it needs to be and doing something not recommended on a single box and I’d recommend transferring your domains to someone who’ll provide DNS for you via a free Plesk like control panel. (then , typically, you’ll add one or more ‘A’ records to point say ‘www’ at your server)

If you really want to do it anyway, you need the “bind9” package and something to edit the zone files for you, or you can do it by hand - howto here;

Personally I use bind9 with the DLZ extensions and store all my DNS records in a MySQL table … makes it easy to edit records with phpMyAdmin and changes don’t require a server reload … :slight_smile: [but again, this is relatively complex and doesn’t make sense on a small scale …]

Seems when changing the name servers i should of added the new oens before removing the old ones I have sent a ticket to the provider of the domain requesting they change it to:

as the system would not let me .

Will check for updates in the morning and post results here.

Cheers for all of the help so far.

You can check this end is working as follows;

nslookup [url=][/url] nslookup [url=][/url]


Ok so got the Ips sorted however it seems that the url is misspelt in the name server . It should be

Cheers Makin

Mmm, unfortunately I used the domain name you gave me (!) :-\

Anyway, easily fixed …

$ nslookup


$ nslookup



Your a Legend, appreciate all of the help with this.

Thanks again.