Print Screen not working!

I have only recently found the need to do a screenshot and have discovered it does not work.
How can I solve this?

Is this Kubuntu on a desktop ?

It’s on my Laptop, the one you helped me with, then I decided to install 16.04 instead of the kernel update.

I’ve discovered I am unable to do a screenshot!

What make/model laptop ?

Sorry, it’s ok now I fixed it.

There was no screen capture program installed!!! I’d have thought there would have been as it’s a new clean install of Kubuntu 16.04.

Mrs pooky has had enough of Window$10, with it being slow as a dead snail going backwards she wants me to install Kubuntu on it.

I’ll let you know if any screen capture program is or isn’t installed with a fresh install…

Just finished installing Kubuntu 16.04 on Mrs pookys laptop and alls well, spectacle was automatically installed along with the OS. So, I don’t know what I did with mine, probably somehow removed it without knowing!!!

Great stuff, glad you got it working :slight_smile:

sudo apt install spectacle

… then

Then I’m guessing in KDE it should “just work” because there’s already a keyboard shortcut for it.

Why do you ask ?

Or instead of using the terminal, you could do as I did and use one of the many package managers…