Printers compatible with Linux

How many of you on the list are using printers with Linux and what type? What would be the best one for compatability? I tried installing a Lexmark X1180 this morning and although Linux recognized it,I could`nt get the drivers installed.I will try my second printer(also a Lexmark but a Z738) and see how I get on.However,it is not a mega-problem as I can always use Windows for my printing needs,or get it done at my workplace,as I work for a photocopier company. 8) Kenny

See here:

Best bet would be to check the OpenPrinting database for which work best:

But general rule of thumb appears to be HP printers have the best support.

For black and white I use an HP LaserJet 1320, and for Colour I use a HP LaserJet 1600 … both work perfectly and have for many years …