Printing photos from Peppermint

I am using Peppermint 3 on a Dell Latitude D505 with an HP Photosmart C7280 printer.

My first attempt to print photographs from my PC has been a dismal failure – and it seems that I not alone.

My preferred photo transfer s/w is gThumb, for its simplicity in moving photos from camera to PC and showing all photo information, etc. It has a printing facility with all the options one might expect, including paper tray, paper type and size, orientation, etc., but the printer does not respond – the HP Device Manager showing the job as “Started/Processing”. But even a cup of tea fails to move things along.

I installed PhotoPrint from the repositories and, again, it seemed to have most of the bells & whistles that one might conceivably require. It’s standard paper sizes areA4 or Letter, and tries to send the output to the printer’s dedicated photo tray because there is no choice offered, although the printer cleverly rejects this as a bad idea. Changing the size using the Custom facility results in a hung job, just like gThumb.

Searching the web for a solution resulted in a plethora of moans on the Ubuntu help site about Linux not handling photo printing at all well, and my solution has been to transfer photos from my PC back to the camera memory card which I can insert into the printer, which prints away happily with many options available.

So I have a solution to the problem, but it would be really nice to have something like PhotoPrint that does what it’s supposed to so that I can print photos from the comfort of my armchair and the aforementioned cup of tea. Does anyone have experience of successful photo-printing, especially from Peppermint?

Thank you.