trying to print document from Libre Office. Message: “HPLP Device Status. Photosmart C4200 series Printer (MY7A1PP24404VP0 Device communication error (5012)”
Past efforts to print documents have rarely been successful.

Peppermint 9. ASUS ZenBook UX301


How is the printer connected ?

hard wired

I think the problem may have been solved. A new file created in Libre Calc does print. The ones that do not are Microsoft Excel and Word files which were transferred by USB memory stick from another computer at the time of setting up Peppermint 9.

These files have now been labouriously copied (cut & copy doesn’t seem to work) into Libre Calc and Writer and they print. Next job is to see whether internet material can be printed. According to Peppermint Settings>Hardware>Printers>Server>Settings this should be possible.


I sometimes have this with Microsoft documents. I found that right clicking on the document icon and renaming it to a .ods/.odt file will allow it to print. :wink:

Many thanks Rich I’ll bear that in mind for the future.