ubuntu 10.10 trying to print off of brother dcp-135c

i googled it to download some driver thingy, managed to do that, then ubuntu software manager auto installed it but still my printer is too thick. it receives the data but it doesnt print after… any thing else i missed? sudo work damn it!!! doesnt work in terminal xD

Is it Ubuntu 10.10 32bit or 64bit ? (the installation pre-requisites are different)

Did you get the LPR driver or the CUPS wrapper ? … and the brscan2 scanner driver and scan-key-tool ?

Did you get the printer driver(s) from here ?

And the scanner driver and scan-key-tool from here ?

Let me know if you have Ubuntu 10.10 32bit or 64bit, and I’ll try to write instructions.

i got it from the 1st link, lpr driver for teh deb format

For Ubuntu 32bit

download both the LPS and CUPS wrapper .deb files from here:
but don’t install them yet.

open a terminal, and enter these 2 commands

sudo aa-complain cupsd
sudo mkdir /usr/share/cups/model

(hit enter after each line, and your password when asked.

NOW install the LPS driver first… then the CUPS wrapper

You would think at this point it would “just work”, but it doesn’t… you need to delete the automatically added CUPS printer and manually re-detect it…

go to:

select the “Printers” tab, and click the blue writing next to the listed Brother printer.

in the “Administration” drop menu, select “Delete Printer”

Turn your printer on.

click the “Administration” tab (top of CUPS page), and select “Find New Printers”

when your printer is detected, add it… when added…

click the “Printers” tab (top of CUPS page)

click the blue writing next to the newly added Brother printer

click the “Maintenance” drop menu, and select “Print test page”

if it prints (and it should :wink: ) … your done.

For Ubuntu 64bit

first install either the ia32-libs or the lib32stdc++ package.

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs


sudo apt-get install lib32stdc++

then follow the same procedure as for Ubuntu 32bit.