Problem installing dependencies for Nvidia 390 driver (Resolved)

Running mint 19.3 cinnamon (this is an upgrade from 18.3).

As I was having issues launching a game I thought I would try a different graphics driver (340) as listed in the driver manager.

The change was not allowed and when I tried to return to the recommended 390 driver I was told that the following dependences were not on the system.

Depends: libnvidia-gl-390 but it is not installed
nvidia-driver-390 : Depends: libnvidia-gl-390 (= 390.138-0ubuntu0.18.04.1)

I have tried repairing them through the “Package manager” I am told they can not be installed.
I tried installing them through apt and I am told there is a conflict with the 340 driver.
Also tried install the 390 driver package from Nvidia.

Any clues please how I can restore the dependencies.

Thank you.

Hi Tramlink - take a look here -


Thanks for that info.

I am not using the 340 driver.

The 390 driver is newer and was working just fine until I tried to use the older driver.

I just want my 390 driver working again.

Driver manager shows I am using the 390 driver but when the computer starts I am told to check my drivers as there is a problem.

In the end I did a clean installation of mint 19.3 mate 64bit.

… and did that fix the problem?

Yes the problem was fixed as the drivers were offer as part of installing mint 19.3 mate 64bit.

Thanks for your information.