Problem installing Peppermint 5 on Samsung Notebook N145 Plus ( SOLVED)

I want to install the latest Peppermint version on a Samsung Notebook N145 Plus but when I try to download the .iso I am told it will take between 12 and 14 hours.
Surely this can’t be right ? :o

take care
Don W

See if it’s any quicker directly from my server:

Is there no torrent for Peppermint? I see in the recent Distrowatch, that they will create & run torrents for those distros that cannot provide there own…maybe an idea to look into? I always seed torrents when my main rig is on (ok, not too often, but every little helps)

Sure there are … they’re on the main Peppermint website.

Go here:

Click the big red “Download 32bit” or “Download 64bit” button, and the torrent link will be displayed along with the http download link.

I knew there was one somewhere, couldn’t remember if it was on the main Peppermint site or not

Thanks Mark (again),
Took about 3 minutes to download.
Have a lot on today with the woodturning so it may be tomorrow before I get to try and put it on my USB Pendrive.

take care
Don W

You’re welcome (again) :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,
Carried out the instructions and Peppermint 5 is installed and running ok at the moment. ;D
Will mark this as solved, thanks again.

take care
Don W

Great news … cheers Don :slight_smile: