Problem installing Windows XP

I have a Windows XP Professional ISO but once burned (4x speed) and booted from the CD, it loads a blue screen which shows it finding drivers yet when it says “Starting Windows” I get the blue screen of death every time. It is a legal copy so no problems there and does the same when burned to different CD’s.

Erm… you’re on a Linux forum :wink:

The problem is probably that your hard drive is connected to a SATA controller… XP CD’s didn’t contain any SATA controller drivers, so they have to be loaded from floppy disk during the installation process, or “slipstreamed” onto the CD.

I’m dualbooting with Ubuntu :wink:

How would I go about doing the slipstream?

You need a Windows PC, nLite, the drivers for your SATA controller, and a blank CD… see here:

it can be done manually, but I can’t remember how… and I don’t really care any more :slight_smile:

It would be easier if you had a floppy drive attached, even if it’s only for the installation… then you just hit F6 during the installation and it will load the drivers from the floppy.

Is all that able to be done using Ubuntu? I also have access to a windows XP Notebook but it has no disk drive so any burning will have to be done on Ubuntu 11.04

Erm, dunno, maybe nLite will work in WINE, I’ve never tried it.

Easier just to connect a floppy drive during the installation and load the SATA drivers with the F6 option.

nLite won’t work in WINE:

If I remember correctly, there is a way of adding the SATA drivers manually to an extracted ISO image, rebuilding it and burning it to disk, but I can’t remember how… and I really can’t be bothered to look… this is really a Windows problem not a Linux one :slight_smile:

Dual boot does not make it Linux related as you’re installing Windows… it only become Linux related if a problem with the GRUB bootloader stops Windows working.

The notebook will be fine if you have a USB stick…

Transfer the ISO to the notebook, do what you need with nLite, transfer the resulting ISO back to the Ubuntu box for burning to disk.