Problem With MP3 But LAME Is Installed

I have installed Audio Format Converter ‘Sound Converter’ through Muon Package Manager and in the Preferences window, I get the warning at the bottom that MP3 Encoder is not present.
I’ve checked in Muon Package Manager and found libsnmp30, libmp3lame0, libtwolame0 installed using mp3 and lame as search keywords. Are there any other lib’s required for install to enable Sound Converter to work properly.

I’ve tested to see if an MP3 file works in another program and VLC plays MP3 files fine, so could it be Sound Converter which has a problem.


sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly

then close/reopen “Sound Converter” … you should find MP3 is now available in the preferences

That didnt work, Sound Converter still says it’s not installed!!!