Problems installing drivers for alfa AWUS036nhr

Hi I keep trying to install the network drivers listed in the title but they keep failing. I get a compile error #2 after it gives me a long list of stuff it tried to install which until the error looks like it was working. I downloaded the latest drivers from alfa and I’m still having these issues. I read somewhere about installing linux-headers would fix it but I currently don’t have any chance to get a physical connection through Ethernet. I’m using Kali Linux. I’m currently setting everything up for a few courses I’m taking and they told everyone to install Kali so I really need this to work.

Which version of kali ?

and what’s the output from:

uname -a

How do I check those two things? I am completely new and this is only my 2nd time booting the os

my bad says 3.14.5

open terminal, and run this command:

uname -a

and post back here what was returned in the terminal


it must say more than that ?


In any case, Kali don’t seem to keep older kernels and headers available in their repositories … so unless I can find them on the interweb somewhere you’re going to have to find some way of connecting this PS to the internet to run a full system update, then install the headers for the new kernel that will have been installed as an update

If you see here:

you’ll see they only keep the headers for the 3.16 and 3.18 kernels

It also said something about the version being from june of 15

Is there anyway to install a generic driver to get it up and running?

I need you to post EXACTLY and in its entirity what is returned by the

uname -a


NOT a truncated version that only includes what you think I’m after.

Is there anyway to install a generic driver to get it up and running?

Dunno, what’s the output from:

lspci -vnn | grep -i net

Can you not connect to a router via an ethernet cable ?

My main source of internet is from my phone or I help pay my neighbor for internet bill because I need to wait a few more months before they can service my house and install my internet. I have a tether plan on my phone but I found out it only works on windows. The company is one of those local ones that just use other peoples towers for access. But if there was some way to configure something in kali I could actually update that way. My tether plan is a 30 gig plan of 4g so it should be pretty fast.

Unless you answer my questions, I’m sorry but I can see no way forward with this. ???

Can you borrow a wireless USB adapter that may work out of the box … just whilst we sort out the drivers for your adapter ?

I’ll screen shot the output of the version when I type in the command in a bit.As far as the other adapter goes the course said that the adapter that I have is the one needed for the course I guess, it was included in the price. I guess it has certain features that most of the other ones don’t. If I bought something like a cheap blue tooth dongle could you help me configure it? My phone supports blue tooth so I think that would enable me to download the update.

I’m not suggesting you permanently borrow another adapter, but some wireless adapters work out of the box with no need to install drivers … if you could borrow one of those we could use it to update your kernel and install the kernel headers so we could compile the drivers for YOUR adapter.

Theoretically we can download the new kernel and header files via another PC, transfer them to your PC, then install them but I’m gonna guess you’d need more than those, you’ll probably need the build-essential package which is going to want to pull in a lot of dependencies … so this is going to be nearly impossible without an internet connection.

But does kali have good blue tooth support? I have a gift card for a place that sells them, but they don’t sell anything wireless adapters or cards that run through usb or pci-e 1x. My motherboard lacks pci slots, only has 1x and 16x slots. So if I used my gift card to buy a cheap dongle would there be a good chance it would work with kali? I think the one they have is from 2012 or even sooner.

Sorry i can’t answer that, I don’t use Kali

I actually figured out kind of a weird way to fix my problem. I used a disk image tool and cloned my friends fully updated version of kali with the linux headers included, then I took the image and put it onto my own machine and installed my own drivers etc… and now everything is working including the adapter driver install. I did order the Bluetooth dongle which after doing some research found some promising stuff online about its comparability with linux and my distro. Just going to use the Bluetooth dongle as a backup internet source, also I love anything that I can mess with.

Thanks for the suggestions and that though.

Cool solution, glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: