problems upgrading to 12.04

am currently running ubuntu 10.04 and using update manager to upgrade to 12.04, but not having much success.

it gets past these steps ok:
preparing upgrade
setting new software channels - here it comes up with a message telling me some 3rd party sources will be disabled, but i can enable them later. However it doesn’t say which ones they are…! After i close the message box it it continues with the upgrade.
Getting new packages - it gets past this.
installing upgrades - it starts this, but after about 5 minutes it drops the internet connection, then says it can’t continue because there is no connection. I’ve tried this 5 times now and the connection always drops at this point so it has to be the update manager that is dropping it.

Any ideas why it would do this and how to get round it? I was running on a wireless connection - am now trying it with a network cable.

ok… it worked with a network cable and 12.04 is installed & wifi is back and working fine… But now i can’t find a few things - like update manager, terminal, SPM - they used to be in the system folder but they aren’t now - que ???

You now struggling with the Unity interface ? (the one with the sidebar “Launcher”)

Click the top icon in the launcher (or hit the super key) … then start typing terminal (into the search area) and you should see an icon for it appear below.

Or you can browse the installed applications from there too.

Once you start an application … its icon will appear in the “Launcher” sidebar … if you want to keep it there as a quickstart launcher, right click the icon in the launcher, and select “keep in launcher” (or similar).

BTW, you can always open a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T

Oh, and when you get fed up with Unity … ditch Ubuntu and install Peppermint, which is MUCH quicker as it’s Ubuntu 12.04 based but uses the more familiar LXDE desktop environment … tutorial here:

thanks Mark

Have to say i don’t like that sidebar much… may well go to peppermint when i have time to do it - do you have instructions to upgrade direct to the AA1?

aamoi i don’t suppose you know any way to increase the speaker volume on the AA1? seems even quieter on unity…

If you’re asking if there’s an easy path to turn Ubuntu into Peppermint … not really … you could approximate it by installing the LXDE environment, but you’d stiil have all the Ubuntu cruft … I’m afraid it’s a fresh install, but that tutorial I linked to should sort you out.

The good news is if you decide to … Peppermint 3 uses the Ubuntu 12.04 repos for 99.999% of its software, so can be considered an LTS release too … with 4+ years support left.

i don't suppose you know any way to increase the speaker volume on the AA1? seems even quieter on unity...

Try running:


then when the “Volume Control” window opens … select the “Playback” tab … raise the volume to say 150%