Problems with media servers and TV connection (Resolved)

I have a Phillips 6000 series smart TV although it has never been that smart. And a LAN based storage server by WD My Book Live.

The WD device has a media server installed that was updated last year to dlna

The TV connection has never been 100% reliable with the connection dropping out particularly with long programs or films.

But since my cable operator upgraded my router the connection seems to drop every 20 mins or so and the TV is looking for a media server.

All connections are by fixed cable and I have given the TV and WD server fixed i.p. addresses.

Looking on the net it seems many other people have this issue but so far I have not found any solutions posted.

Any suggestions?

As a test I installed an app on my tablet that looks for media servers on the LAN. It found the media server on the WD LAN storage device and had no problems streaming a whole film.

This I think makes it conclusive the it is the software on the Philips TV that is the issue.

Have you tried updating the software on the TV?
My LG TV’‘s won’t play the latest mp4’s because the h265 coding has recently moved on to the newest iteration but my TV’'s haven’t got an update yet and I don’t see it happening on a 2 year old TV either.
For those films I either use the Xbox or stream via plex .

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There has only been one software update for my TV since I bought it in 2013 and there seems to be a lot of complaints on the net about problems with Philips TVs.

When I bought it streaming from media servers was not something I had done before.

I can always use a computer connected to the TV to play the programs. However, that means not being able to use the TV remote to stop and pause playback.

Get an M8S box with KODI, such as

They can play H.265 and pretty much anything else you can throw at it … I have the earlier M8 model which I’ve come to consider my purchase of the decade :slight_smile:
(plays everything from my NAS, either directly over the network or via DLNA streaming … and did I mention it has KODI :wink: )

I got one cheaper without that extra mini keyboard/touch doodad … and use a logitech USB wireless keyboard & mouse instead.

Yeh, I have kodi box too, I found installing plex on the Linux box and pointing it to the server for the libraries works very well.
It also has the advantage of being able to share your content with family and friends via plex.
I also use my plex installation on my phone to stream content from my home server and cast it to my TV in the motor home when we’re away.
Don’t you just love this modern connected world [emoji7]

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Problem sorted - I bought a switch and plugged the TV and the WD LAN storage into it.

The TV and the WD storage have fixed i.p. addresses and talk to each other directly via the switch.

And this has solved the problem streamed films over 2 hours no problems.

Thanks to all for your input.

Great news :slight_smile: