Problems with screen res after driver upgrade (Resolved)

I use mint 17.3 mate 64bit. (Desk Top system)

This morning I was offered an update for the NVIDIA driver and on reboot the display no longer expands to fill the screen.

I am only offered one resolution 1920 x 1080 and the system no longer detects the make or model of my screen.

The Card is a GeFORCE 610 and the recommended driver is nivida-384 which is the driver that is installed.

Help needed…

Update I have tried booting with a live USB and everything works normally so something must have corrupted the system on the computer. Is there a way to restore the default video system?

I seem to have fixed the problem - removed all references to NVIDIA and then scanned for drivers installed the recomended driver and everything has been restored to full working order.

Great news my mate :slight_smile: