Problems with search engines

For a while now I’ve found that parameters in my searches (eg: +UK, -$) have no apparent effect. Neither does checking ‘United Kingdom’ in Duckduckgo. Same with google.

Am I missing something? Is it me? Or is it happening to everybody?


I also use DuckDuckGo (daft name!) and have had the same experience.
I think it’s something to do with Google since, as far as I understand, DDG uses Google as the search engine simply to isolate the user from Google’s tracking. We just can’t escape G’s tentacles.

There is a British search engine called Oscobo ( that I believe is an independent service that doesn’t track, but not as all-encompassing as G. There is also SwissCows (I kid you not) at that also doesn’t track but I don’t know if it uses Google. Not too sure of all this, so you’ll need to check.


Thanks Keith.

At least now I know I’m (probably) not going mad.

Gotta love google. I keep expecting to wake up and find a note from them on my pillow…