Problems with setting up a VBox (SOLVED)

I want to set up Oracle VM Virtual.
I can get so far but I seem to lose it.
I have created the Vm and then when I try to Run it for the first time I get lost.
I would like to get this working and get rid of Win 7.

Don W
PS I will sleep on it and see what happens in the morning with a fresh look.

You need to configure the VM, so that it has access to the CD drive of the host (done in the config menu of the VM while it’s not running). Or, if it’s not a Win7 CD, and it’s an ISO image instead, just choose the ISO image instead of the CD drive in the settings.

When you “power up” the VM, it should boot from the CD, and providing you’ve set the VM’s hard drive big enough (again, in the settings menu for the VM), you should be able to install Windows. It’s just like having a PC in a PC (don’t try and stack them though, it doesn’t work!)

What CPU is in this again?

Its an Intel Celeron CPU 1.80 Ghz 4.00GB memory.
I will have another look at setting up the VM. Thanks for the information.

Don W

Are you trying to set up the VM with a win7 DVD or a Win7 ISO image ?

Win 7 DVD

See here:

The only difference is that you’d point the CD/DVD ROM at the “Host CD/DVD drive” rather than the ISO image file.

Remember, after installing you’ll need to either change the boot order, or eject the Win7 DVD … or the VM will boot the DVD again :wink:
(exactly as it would on real hardware)

Oh, and be sure to give the Win7 VM access to at least 1GB of Memory (pic shows 512, that’s nowhere near enough for Win7) … if you have 4, I’d give it access to 2GB.
(this 2GB will only be borrowed from Linux whilst the VM is running … then handed back once the VM is closed)

Something to be aware of … if you’re running 32bit Linux, you probably can’t install Win7 64bit in a VM, only Win7 32bit)

Hi Mark,
How will I set up a 64 bit Peppermint 5 ? :-[

Don W

Worth stating that the Celeron M doesn’t support VT-x (vitualisation technology) - this might be required for Windows 7 meaning it won’t work, and even if it’s not required, it means performance in Windows will be horrendous (like, click to open something, make a cup of coffee, wait for it to cool, drink it, then your application might have opened) :frowning:

Thanks for that. I will forget the idea of installing a VM.
I don’t need it as I can use DraftSight.

Don W

??? Virtualbox/Win7 32bit will still work without VT-x ???
(and reasonably well too as long as it has enough memory)

Hi Mark,
I don’t need a VB as I am using DraftSight and no longer have a need to use Autocad.
My partner uses Win 7 and Autocad and we can read and work on the .dwg files without a problem.
I think I can put this thread away now and close it.
Thanks all for your help.

take care
Don W

And a Celeron M, which has pretty low performance natively (although better under Peppermint than any flavour of Windows, I’d wager)?

shrug The only time I’ve tried to use Virtualbox without VT-x was on my AA1 under Arch Xfce, and I quickly gave that up (was experimenting with Fuduntu as a guest)

Works on an older P4 dual core … so I’d presume so.