Programming & games dev

Aloha, not strictly a Linux question…but it is computer related. Basically i’m hoping to work in games development in the future, at college at the moment and will be starting a computer science degree next september. Now basically, i started learning Python, but the more I read on the net the more unsure I am of whether to carry on with this, start learning C# or just jump straight into C++.

Anyone have a clue? pass it this way please =)


From what I’ve read, C# or C++ is actually very easy to learn, its just understanding it is the complicated bit. I’m not an expert on these grounds, so you may be better off asking someone like Mad Penguin or other users of the forum.

I’m pretty sure Sophia, when she was around, was doing programming… she seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth though.

Yeah, the more i read the more confused I am about which one to start …!!! thanks though =)