Protecting Data

in linux os in the desktop & in the terminal
What replaces the folders of (AppData, Roaming) that found in windows os?

There’s no directly comparable directory … but your home folder contains hidden directories (ie. directories whos names begin with a .)

The closest comparable directory to appdata would probably be the .config directory in your home folder … but there ARE things that are saved outside .config, such as the hidden .mozilla directory which contains the firefox settings, etc.

If this is a “what do I backup to keep all my application settings ?” you should really backup the WHOLE of your home directory.

folder usr & folder user it’s The same?
how via linux lubuntu i can to see the hidden folder?

folder usr & folder user it's The same?

I don’t know what you mean

If you mean “is the Linux /user directory comparable with the Windows Users directory ?” … no, not really.

there’s very little that’s directly comparable between the Linux and Windows directory structure.

how via linux lubuntu i can to see the hidden folder?

Enter your home folder, then hit Ctrl+H

Or there’s an option in the pcmanfm file manager
View > Show Hidden Files
(I think)