Hi guys

By chance I came across a program called pysdm PySDM, a PyGTK Storage Device Manager which is a graphical tool for mounting filesystems at startup

although it seem it used to be in the Ubuntu repos it doesn’t appear to be there now, I was however able to download 2 .deb file versions ( & from here Ubuntu – Error but the latest version seems to be for precise and neither of them will install with Gdebi package installer

Does anyone know if there’s any way to get this program running on peppermint 5 or is it simply no longer available

Many thanks


You could try e-mailing the maintainer for the Ubuntu package, and ask them to repackage it for trusty.
Or you could search for a trusty PPA on Google

PySDM hasn’t been updated since April 2013, so is broken since 12.04 … pity because it was a handy little GUI app for configuring fstab.

I’m seriously surprised someone else hasn’t picked up the torch as a GUI for configuring mounts is IMHO a “must have”.


Here’s what’s stopping it being installed … from the package control file:-

Depends: python (<< 2.5), python (>= 2.4), libblkid1

So it appears to depend on python greater than 2.4, but less than 2.5

I’ve manually installed it in Peppermint 5 with python 2.7.5, and so far it appears to work … so modifying the control file would be trivial … but I’m unsure whether to do this and make it publicly available as I haven’t the time to exhaustively test it.

I guess if you stay away from the udev rule creator side of it, and make sure you have a backup of your fstab file (just in case) it should be pretty safe to test it.

Let me know if you’d like a modified .deb that will install and I’ll PM you a link … I’m just not sure I wanna post it publicly, and if it screws up ya system don’t blame me.

What’s broken about it? Presumably changes in GTK bindings?

See the edit above :slight_smile:

I'm seriously surprised someone else hasn't picked up the torch as a GUI for configuring mounts is IMHO a "must have".

My thoughts exactly, I’ve always felt Linux needs an application like this, setting volumes to mount at startup shouldn’t be complicated and expecting normal or new users to edit a config file to do it is backward

Let me know if you'd like a modified .deb that will install and I'll PM you a link

I would like that, thank you :slight_smile:

if it screws up ya system don't blame me.

Why not ? ;D

But seriously what’s the worst it can do ?


Messing with fstab, it could render your system unbootable depending on your partition layout

But seriously what's the worst it can do ?

At a guess, (as chemicalfan says) just screw up fstab … but I haven’t gone through the code so I dunno for sure.

Just make sure you’ve backed up fstab before messing with it, and have a LiveCD/LiveUSB handy.

I’ll PM you a link now.


PM with link sent.