Queens Diamond Jubilee

Hey dudes and dudettes!

I am wondering how many of you fine people will be supporting your troops on Saturday as they make history!

The Armed Forces have never gathered in this large a number for many many years and I think it’s the first time Her Majesty the Queen has reviewed all her armed forces at the same time.

If you live in the Windsor area I recommend you come down and watch the march. If you are not local you can watch it on TV… in 3D apprently!

I’ll be giving it a look on TV … and I’ll always support the men and women of our armed forces, even if/when I don’t agree with the government policy they may be being asked to enforce.

I’m not convinced the general public are very aware of the march/review … as I’ve previously mentioned in a PM, it seems the Queens jubilee’s receive less coverage as time goes on … a real pity, as that’s one of the few thing we (as a nation) still do well :slight_smile:

Totally agree with Mark

I'm not convinced the general public are very aware of the march/review
I will be watching it on TV (no 3D)

Yeah I know what Mark is talking about. It is a shame really.

I am actually hoping seeing some support behind the forces will bring back some of the pride I had when I first joined up. Although I will probably be spending Sunday trying to get rotten fruit stains out of my uniform!! Or spit! Haha

@SeZo - Glad you won’t watching it in 3D, I’m not keen about being 3D’d!

Mmm, I’m failing to see the relevance, of this thread, to Linux (?)

I’m also failing to see what supporting our troops has to do with the Jubilee, apart from them being made to parade when the rest of the country gets a day off … seems a bit like a punishment, personally I’d like to see them all get the day off, I think they’ve earned it!

Looking back through history at the actions of the monarchy, my mind boggles every time it realises that we still have a queen (!)

Mmm, I'm failing to see the relevance, of this thread, to Linux (?)

Non whatsoever beyond glitch being in the armed forces, and having to work in Windows whilst being a supporter of Linux and FOSS in general :slight_smile:

and this is the “General Discussion” forum, which is described as:-

General Discussion Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board.

Besides … I thought the Queen developed her own distro:


I feel that the “anything” implies much that’s not explicitly stated … :slight_smile:

It’s all about context …

For example … there’s a sign in the Owain Glyndŵr in Cardiff that says “feel free to support any team you like!” … however the last person I saw go in on a match day wearing a white England shirt and shout “come on England!” was approached by a very large Welsh fan in a nice red Welsh jersey who announced “Ere mate, your shirt’s the wrong colour, let me fix that for you …”

i.e. there is a strong implication (at the very least in the name of the pub) that “as long as it’s not England” is heavily implied … :wink:

If the Queen had developed her own distro (!) then there might be some excuse for the millions we pay the “royals” every year (!)

I’ll probably be too busy sleeping on Saturday, although I’ll support the troops as my Uncle used to server in the armed forces, and my cousin currently follows in his footsteps and is in the armed forces.

This whole Jubilee thing is a load of boll**ks to me. Why should we pay 10 Million pounds of our money to found a bloody boat that will be snapped up by some rich guy? Doesn’t make sense to me.

So what you’re saying is … we (the tax payers) fund a boat (through the government) to show off our Queen … which eventually will be sold to recover the money for the tax payer … sounds like a good deal to me.

Though I seriously (on principal) don’t like the idea of being anyones “subject”, and can historically understand peoples objections to the royals and some of the things they’ve done … nowadays, what exactly has the royal family done that effects me in any way ?

As a teenager, and for quite some time, I resented the royal family and what (historically) they stood for … these days, I tend to think I wouldn’t want their lives even with the money, far too much is expected of them … and as for cost, I’d be fairly certain that simply because we are the ONLY nation that still has the mystery and pageantry surrounding our royals, they bring in more in tourist dollars than they cost us … and that’s not to mention the businesses (rightly or wrongly) that benefit from the old boy networks by having one of them on their letter heads.

Think about it … as far as foreign tourists are concerned, what other reason is there to come to the UK … hell it’s the only thing we’re now famous worldwide for.