Quick Downloading Linux Distro - Help Me?

hi I’m new to Linux and I would like to download it to put on an old dell machine but I need a distro which is small and quick to download for free anyone got any ideas thanks?? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If you want a small(ish) distro, that is supposed to be quick on older hardware yet easy to use, You could try Peppermint OS One (450mb) or Lubuntu (521mb)… both based on the light weight LXDE desktop

or you could just try the “full” (GNOME Desktop) Ubuntu (686mb) and test drive it on a LiveCD or LiveUSB key before installing… you will find Ubuntu help easier to find, and it should still be quicker than Windows.
(don’t expect a LiveCD or LiveUSB to be as quick as a hard drive installation… it will be much slower… but at least you can test compatibility before installing)

There are smaller distro’s but you might find them harder to get along with… at least if you’re new to Linux.

Ubuntu Installation instructions can be found here:

Thanks for your help i’m now downloading peppermint os onto a cd and its downloading a lot quicker than ubuntu

ok its downloaded on to my pc now, but i have no idea how to create a bootable cd or what software to use to create it?

Ok, if you’re burning it in Windows… Download ImgBurn (it’s free) from here:

Tutorial for burning an ISO image to CD/DVD with ImgBurn here:

Hint - On the second picture, where it says
Write Speed: MAX
Change it to
Write Speed: X4

If your going to be doing the burning on a Linux PC, you’ll have to tell us which distro you are running.

thanks peppermint has installed nicely onto the other computer however i’m not sure how to set up a wireless network, it wants to know the SSID, BSSID and the MAC address but i don’t know what these are or where to find them??


  1. On the panel (taskbar) click the Network Manager icon (by the clock)… normal click, not right click.

  2. Select “your” wireless network from the displayed list of detected networks.


  1. Enter your Network Key… usually on a sticker somewhere on your router.

  2. Click Connect.

All Done :slight_smile: