Raspberry Pi

So have people heard of the Raspberry Pi then? Nice little thing for cheap, with the intention of making programming more accessible to kids, like the BBC micro did. and all for the cheap price of $25. Oh and of course "Debian, Fedora and ArchLinux will be supported from the start. We hope to see support from other distros later. We will be selling SD cards with the distros preloaded. "

What do you think? Certainly got my attention and may well pick one up when they’re out.

So will I … IF they ever come out … I’m not sure they’ve done themselves any favors by “talking” about it for so long, and continually changing it without releasing it … people are starting to wonder if it will turn into another “One Laptop per Child” fiasco, where it eventually came out overpriced under powered, and interest had all but evaporated.

There’s a pic of an early (supposedly working version) here:

thats the width of a 20p piece.

It seems to have grown somewhat, as the pic of the PCB in your link now shows it as 3 times the width of a £1 coin.

"Talking about it has just allowed other smaller and more powerful variants to push towards market quicker than them … as in the FX Cotton Candy, which is HUGELY more powerful:
though granted, HUGELY more expensive too.

According to the Wikipedia page:

there was going to be a $35 model as well that contained a 10/100 ethernet port … so technically you could string a few of them together … now that sounds like fun.

Also their stated aim … cheap computing for education … similar goal to the OLPC project, but at least they had a monitor, I’m not too sure having an HDMI socket for graphics output means you’ll actually save much over a more powerful laptop by the time you throw in the cost of an HDTV :wink:

But I wish them luck, and hope it doesn’t become another OLPC fiasco :slight_smile:

The Raspberry Pi sold out in just under 4 minutes. That’s record breaking stuff right there. There was such a high demand for it, and there was only a limited amount.

Not surprising at the price point :wink: