Raspberry Pi

sorry if this is in the wrong section but was not sure anyway

has anyone used a Raspberry Pi as i was wondering if it would be a useful starting place for my son to learn computing in a more basic way .

if so any ideas what distro you would choose ( my son uses linuxmint 13 kde

Yup … and the Raspberry Pi website has a Debian image (amongst others) for download that uses the LXDE desktop environment.

I’m quite impressed by the Pi … but don’t expect it to be a cheap x86 PC replacement … or necessarily cheap, by the time you’ve bought a power supply, HDMI cable, keyboard and mouse, and either a compatible wireless card and powered hub, or homeplugs … unless of course your TV is right next to your router.

There is also a configurtion learning curve involved … but it’s well documented.

I’m also waiting to see what the Android ICS port that’s coming is like :slight_smile:

thanks mark

ive got most of the bits i need so looks like a good farther and son project for those rain filled summer nights ;D

If you do get a Pi … I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what it can do, as long as you don’t expect it to replace a Core2 Duo box … I know I am :slight_smile:

i might go for a debian base with cde now its open source then my sun can see what i had to use in 1990s unix workstations (showing my age )

just got this link emailed to me


Not quite sure why anyone would want to do that … Firefox OS is aimed at mobile (and presumably touchscreen) devices, the Pi isn’t exactly mobile ???
(unless you fancy lugging an LCD TV round with you)

with generator as well in a wheelbarrow ;D

it’s here all ready and i’m going to try adafruits Occidentalis v0.1. Rubus occidentalis teaching distro as a starting point for my son

Firefox OS looks good! Guess that’s another mobile distro I’ll need to try…