Re-installing Peppermint 6 on Acer Aspire one

Dear Sir,
You helped me install Peppermint 6 on my Acer aspire one more that a year ago and all has gone well until recently (A few error messages mentioned space problems) so I decided to start all over again and re-install the OS.

Initially, I used the “try Peppermint 6” choice but when I had an error message I decided to download the OS and over-write what was on my system.

In both cases, after starting to copy files, the following error message was shown :

“the installer encountered an error copying files to hard disk.
(Errno 28 no space left on device)
This is due to there being insufficient disk space for the install to complete on the target partition.”

I look to you for guidance - again !!
Thank you,
Best wishes,
Kevin Woodward

My guess is it’s trying to install Peppermint “next to” the current installation, rather than wiping the old installation and starting afresh

Is there anything in the old installation you want to keep … or are you OK to wipe it prior to installation ?

Let me know and I’ll post instructions.

I am very happy to wipe everything clean and start again.
At the start of the installation it warned me that was what would happen
but it did not seem to be the case.

Boot to the Peppermint 6 LiveUSB, then fire up

menu > System Tools > GParted

in the top right-hand corner of gparted it says “/dev/sda

Now in the list of partitions, right-click on “linux-swap” and select “Swapoff

Now go to

Device > Create Partition Table…

and when asked, select an MSDOS style partition table … and accept the change.

Once that’s done, and the drive is now totally unpartitioned … Close GParted.

Now click on the “Install Peppermint” icon on the desktop and work your way through the installation accepting the defaults.

Still struggling. Think I did what you suggested above but when I try and install I get to the stage “Erase disk and install Peppermint”
Select drive - MMC/SD card 1 (mmcblko) - 2.0 GB SD SD02G
it puts up a block with “Do you want to return to partitioner?”
Some of the partitions you created are too small etc.’

It appears that you’re attempting to install to the SDcard instead of the internal SSD

Turn off the Aspire One

Remove any SDcards

Turn on the Aspire One and boot to the LiveUSB

Install Peppermint

… you can replace the SDcard after installation.