re loading OS after wiping clean hard drives, help!!

I have had trouble with my laptop crashing SO, i’ve wiped the hard drive for re installation and thought i’d try Linux Ubuntu instead of reloading Vista. BUT, my laptop won’t load Linux from the CD i burnt from online and it won’t load Vista!! what does come up is “no operating system” so i think i got the first part of my action right. What am i doing wrong, what should i be doing next?.

P,S, i tried the Linux cd i burnt in my desk top pc and it runs on their but some glitches come up before hand to which i cancel and then it finally runs; i think this might be because i used a DVD cd instead of your bog standard CD-R and i believe this might be the problem due to burning speeds.

is this the problem trying to load Linux on my laptop, should i try a normal CD-R and give that a go?

i’m just worried as the Vista re installation CD does not work either.

Sounds like a problem with the CD/DVD drive itself.

If your laptop came with Vista pre-installed, the chances are it CAN boot from a USB stick, so if you have access to a USB memory stick, and another Windows (or Linux) PC, you can put the LiveCD ISO image in a USB memory stick, and boot from that.

Instructions for creating a LiveUSB (from within Windows)

Get an ubuntu LiveCD ISO image from here (or use the one you already downloaded):

Then follow the instructions from “Step 2” on this page:

(will work for 11.04 too)
Just make sure you set a “persistence” file during creation of the LiveUSB… see pic below

Then all you have to do is boot from the USB stick, by either setting USB as the first boot device in the BIOS, or hitting the “boot device selection key” when you switch your PC on then selecting the USB stick… usually the F10 key but varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

It is also possible to put the Vista DVD image on a USB, using a different application:



I must add I’ve never tried putting Vista on USB with any of those applications… what I have done is used a Linux application:

to create a working Vista/Win7 USB stick… and that worked :slight_smile:

Further info:

You could certainly try a CDR rather than a DVD-R, because they use different lasers in the drive… so there’s a chance one will work and the other won’t

It could also just be the make of DVD-R’s you are using (ie. your drive just doesn’t “like” them)… or try DVD+R’s

excellent, just tried that and i think we’re getting somewhere now; Ubuntu is showing on my laptop. Thanks so much and i’ll let you know how i get on. cheers Billy. :wink:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: