Re: moonlight PROBLEM SOLVED

Is it safe to remove from my UBUNTU setup ?

take care
Don W

You’ll have to explain that a bit … remove it from where ?

Are you talking about the Moonlight browser extension ? … if so YES.

If you’re using Firefox, in Firefox just go to Tools>Add-ons>Extensions and click the “Remove” button next to “Novell Moonlight” (or whatever version you have intalled).

Thanks Mark. That’s what I needed.
I added the extension per the book ‘Ubuntu for non geeks’ but the moonlight extension didn’t work properly.
I may try later using the Synaptic package manager, but I will wait and see.

take care
Don W

It works OK on “some” silverlight stuff if you install it from here:

There’s a test for Silverlight 2.0 here:
and for Silverlight 3.0 here:
if you see an animation it’s working, if you see a button to install Microsoft Silverlight it isn’t.

But as I said Moonlight won’t work with ALL Silverlight content … not to mention that Siverlight is a dying format, if you Google it you’ll see that even Microsoft appear to be dropping it in favour of HTML5 :slight_smile:

In reality, Silverlight was stillborn to begin with … Microsoft tried to kick life into it, but appear to have given up.

Thanks Mark,
It has been erased and I am happy.

take care
Don W