Re: restoration of Desktop shortcut symbol in linux lubuntu 15.10

How exactly do it?

You’ll have to explain that better … which desktop shortcut ?

If it’s an application, I think you can go to it in the main menu, then right click on it and select “add to desktop”

I intend to
Something in the taskbar that Click on it to go immediately to the Desktop.
panel applet of Minimize All Windows
so how It’s called?
It was in the original board to down
I deleted the first but in the new board I can’t find this
so how to restoration this option ?

OK, right-click an empty space on the panel, and select “Panel Settings” then select the “Panel Applets” tab, then click the “Add” button, then highlight the “Minimise All Windows” plugin and click the “Add” button (the applet should appear on the panel) … you can now use the “Up” and “Down” buttons (in the Panel Preferences window) to move the applet on the task bar … when finished, just close the Panel Preferences window.


No problem :slight_smile: