Re: Yet another newbie!

Greetings to you all from Scotland

I am afraid I am a brand new dummy with a Pine64 Manjaro 3gb RAM 32gb.
I have started it up and updated the software. Other than that not had much luck.

I have tried to get Geary to launch so I can set up an email, but had no luck.
I would like to turn on the screen rotation function so can see things betteron landscape view at times.

Ideally I would like to load Mobian which has been recommended to me and get a system going on my new phone as I want rid of Google and Apple.
Can anyone help me?

I hope I am not breaking any rules in asking, but would love to make contact with others in UK (I am with Giffgaff) whose knowledge/experience could help a dummy like me to get up and running.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Stephen and welcome to the Forum!

I’ve separated your post as it’s better to start a new request afresh rather than tagging on to someone else’s - you are likely to get more ‘reads’ that way :wink:

I have no knowledge of OS’s on smartphones though others on here may be able to help. Have you looked at the Pine64 website?


If you want email on a smartphone you might like to try “BlueMail” … this was an android app but they now also do a Linux version. I had a few issues on the Linux version as it’s not (or wasn’t) quite as fully-featured as I would have liked, but it’s what I use on my phone.

Firstly, you need to be clear about what you’ve got. Pine64 produce a lot of devices — which one is yours? Manjaro ARM comes with the Gnome, Xfce, or KDE destops — again, which are you using?

Geary suggest Gnome, but obviously I can’t be sure. There is a site for this software
What exactly was your problem?

Screen rotation depends on the desktop and the distro. For Gnome, see

There is a certain difficulty when you are using a system that not many people have. I’d never heard of Pine64 or Geary before I looked into your problem! A specialist forum, might be more useful. Pine has an active community:

as does Manjaro