Reasons to be thankful

Hi guys

I was watching last weeks Linux Action Show which was based on reasons to be be thankful for Linux and open source in general and there was a few projects put forward such as openssl and apache etc,

for me Linux and open source flies in the face of the general rule that “you only get what you pay for” which is generally true but FOSS is one of the few things in this world (possibly the only thing) that is actually free with no strings attached and for that I am extremely thankful

So I’m just curious what FOSS projects are you guys most thankful for ?


All of them … even the ones I don’t particularly like … as you suggest it’s more important as a concept than the software itself, and they’re ALL important as far as getting that concept out there, and accepted as main stream.


Sorry, I know that’s probably not the answer you were looking for … but it is how I see it.

Sorry, I know that's probably not the answer you were looking for .. but it is how I see it.

No it’s not the answer I was looking for :slight_smile:

but that said I know what you’re saying and I agree 100%, when I first started moving from Windows to Linux my biggest problem wasn’t learning how to use Linux (that was easy) it was finding alternative software that I was used to using in Windows to do the things I wanted to do,

finding an office suite was easy I was already using Libreoffice but there was programs not so mainstream but equally important to me such as Media Companion which was only available for Windows and at the time no Linux equivalent existed that I knew about, then Mediaelch appeared on the scene which not only done what Media Companion done but done it better and it’s free and open source so I’m thankful for that

But there’s 2 programs I’m particularly thankful for which is Gramps and Gcompris, Gramps because although there’s a wealth of genealogy programs available for Windows Gramps is the only alternative in Linux and is probably the No1 program that let me discard Windows completely and Gcompris because it’s gave my grand-daughter hours of fun and education all for free.

Then there’s the community, people who’ve give there time and knowledge to patiently help me sort out mostly self inflicted problems for no reward other than the satisfaction of helping someone

What is there not to be thankful for


As an Aging Graying Portly Old Hippy :slight_smile:
and a lesser mortal on all things Linux, I have loads to be thankful for.
I’m still amazed at the amount of people, who give up their free time, to develop and maintain the software,and to help others, which creates such a great community.

About a year and a half ago, I rediscovered photography and linux was always seen as a wasteland for photography.
Then I discovered 3 things that transformed my photography,

Rapid Photo Downloader which not only downloads but does so much more. a very easy to customise viewer. This has to be the best of open source, people in their spare time have created something on par (some would say better) than what the mighty :wink: Adobe has created ie Lightroom.
and darktable will not accept donations,

So along with Gimp, RawTherapee, Lightzone and others, a good full list can be found on Pat Davids site Pat BTW is another who gives so much time to all things Gimp,( he’s just revamped the web site) and all thing FOSS.

So a BIG thanks to all :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


ps Gimp has just celebrated its 20th anniversary,

Cheers for that info banko … I hadn’t come across rapid or geeqie before :slight_smile: