Recomend a Keyboard (Resolved)

My present keyboard is becoming unreliable (about 6years old now) would any one like to recommend a quality replacement.

Thanks in advance.

What do you mainly use it for ?

and how much are you willing to pay ? … enough for Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches ?
tested here (including in Linux/Mint17):

Mechanical keyboards are regarded as the best out there, but they are a wildly different beast to your average keyboard (like, the difference between driving an Aston Martin and a Renault Megane)

I’ve got a Saitek Eclipse II (few years old now), it’s backlight so you can use it in the dark, pretty solid

Yeah the Corsair K70 is nicely backlight (fully, just gaming keys, or any combo you want as ALL keys have an individual LED) and the backlight brightness is adjustable … a friend of mine has one, with the MX Blue switches it has a satisfying “click” feedback (both physical and audible), but they also do it with MX Red and MX Silver switches

MX Blue switches = Physical and Audible “click”
MX Red switches = physical click, but no audible click
MX Silver switches = neither

Keys are easily removable for cleaning, it’s nicely finished in gunmetal (top plate) and feels like it’ll last forever

After trying his, I’d be willing to perform weird sexual acts with Rudolph and Blitzen if it’d get Santa to bring me one :slight_smile:

Keyboards are one of those things where you don’t realise what you’re missing until you’ve tried a quality one … you’ll then either buy one or spend the rest of your life trying to justify the cost to yourself because you WANT one :o

Or you can swap out the gaming keys for the ten red ones (included) … all keys are replaceable and it comes with an easy key removal tool


I don’t think so!

I didn’t say it was cheap :slight_smile:

you'll then either buy one or spend the rest of your life trying to justify the cost to yourself because you WANT one :o

I want one … doesn’t mean I’ll ever own one though (lottery win not withstanding)… that said the keyboard switches are all individually replaceable,so theoreticalky it should last a lifetime (see what I mean about spending the rest of your life trying to justify the cost)

All Cherry MX Blue keyboards are stupidly expensive, they are however cheaper than an Aston Martin :wink:

Proportionately, they are the same, and THAT is a scary thought :o


I suppose you could say “proportionally they are as nice/desireable” … or more realistically “they are governed by the same market forces” … they are both after the high end / quality (rich people or enthusiast) market so aren’t going to sell many but still need to recover the tooling costs.

If you consider the individual switches probably cost getting on for a quid a piece from Cherry … I doubt if Corsair actually make that much.

But you have to admit … it’s one “smokin” keyboard

or this one

Gimme, gimme, gimme…

Yeah, it’s pretty hot 8)

Very much a luxury though, on the “to buy” list when that lottery win comes in (surely my turn by now?!?!)

Thanks for all this info and discussions. I use it mainly for normal computer work writing reports in English and French, emails and some older games at weekends.

So it’s not for state of the art gaming and I was thinking I would pay between say £30- £50 would consider a bit more to confirm reliability.

I’ve always just bought the most comfortable “£10 local PC store special” … they’ll last, as long as you don’t spill anything on em, and if they fail well it was a tenner.

That said, (oddly) Microsoft have a pretty good reputation for keyboards, as do Logitech, but IMHO a rubber-dome keyboard is a rubber-dome keyboard no matter who makes em :wink:

IN the end I have gone with a CHERRY MX-BOARD 3.0 with mechanical keys.

So far I like it as it has a very positive feel when in use.

Thanks for all your help.

Which colour switches, out of interest?

Red ?

You’ll never feel comfortable with a rubber blister keyboard again :wink:

Yes the keys are Red.