Recomend Video editing software (solved)

I am running mint 17 64bit mate.

Dear all I am looking for a simple to use video editing software any recommendations.

I have tried Avidemux but find it not user friendly and with little support in the use of the program.

Any suggestions welcome.

You can give Openshot a try, I use it quite regularly the only issue I have with it is it’s inclined to crash occasionally so it’s important to save your work regularly but otherwise it’s simple to use and generally works very well

Good luck


Kdenlive, works well and no crashes :wink:

Kdenlive, works well and no crashes ;)

Fair point, I’ve never used Kdenlive due to all the KDE dependencies it downloads with it


Not to fussed about KDE dependencies. Just using what works for me. :slight_smile:

But, but, but … it’s KDE for christ sake :o

Only kiddin :wink: … if it works, and there’s no better Gtk alternative…

There might be a better solution, it is just personal preference.
I have both Kdenlive & Openshot installed but the goto video editor for me is the former.
I just refuse to be ring-fenced by the particular toolkit my DE is using. :slight_smile:

I agree … so far I’ve always managed to find a Gtk alternative (lucky because with a 16GB SSD space is of a premium), but if I had a large HDD as on my desktop, and there was a better KDE alternative, I’d use it.

I suppose once you have one KDE app, the rest become less painful to install as half the dependencies will already be there.

I’m not really steering clear of KDE dependencies for any reason but space … nothing “political” going on here.

Doesn’t mean I have to like their damn horrible desktop though :wink:

OK thanks to all will try a couple out and see which one I get on with best…