Recommend laptop for Linux

Hi all. Just thought I would try to cut to the chase and ask for any recommendations for a laptop 15 inch to dual boot W10 and Linux. Have been researching it now for a few weeks without a positive result. Want something for around £800 that I can install Linux on without too much difficulty and run it for years to come. Any answers will be much appreciated.

Must it be new ?

is 15" a minimum, or would 14" do ?

Is it going to be used for gaming ?

My own preferences (if no gaming) would likely be to go secondhand for a Thinkpad ‘T’ or Dell ‘E’ series.
(or maybe go nuts and get a secondhand but recent Dell XPS 15 or Thinkpad X1 Carbon Extreme if gaming were a preference)


If gaming isn’t a concern and you want new, maybe this

which gets good reviews

Thinkpads are generally well thought of and usually run Linux well … at least the ‘T’ series and X1 Carbons are.

Yes new, 15 inch at least and no gaming. Main interest is trying different distros on virtual box, watching videos and using the internet in general. Thanks for the reply, I will look at your suggestions. Ta.