Recover Deleted File

Hi Experts,

Due to some issue one of my dbf file is deleted from Oracle Linux 6.5 which I need to recover I have to google it and found a tool called foremost but when i try to run a command mention on site it does not run and mention the options I don’t know why the command is not successfully executed.

No screenshots as attachments please … if you need to post a screenshot, host it somewhere like
then post the URL surroinded by IMG tags.

Whilst I’ve never used (or even heard of) this application, your screenshot (before I deleted it) showed your command included an “-I” option … according to the help output there is no “-I” option.
(if that was supposed to denote the INPUT file, it shouldn’t have been capitalised)

That said, I’m not sure exactly what the “input file” should be … so follow this advice at your own risk.