Recover Thunderbird files (SOLVED)

Sorry folks!
Quite simple really. I couldn’t boot because the 8Gb was full.
Booting up from the USB stick I just deleted some files and it booted up as normal.
Now to work out what I really need to get rid of, and keep an eye on free disk space in future…

Below is what I originally sent, but may be of help to someone else (?)

Hi Mark

Long time no talk, but my AA1 running Peppermint 3 has just crashed and won’t reboot (more about that later maybe, but once I have saved all my personal stuff I propose to just rebuild)

So I booted from the Peppermint distro by using the USB installer and a USB stick, and can recover the files I need - except for Thunderbird.

I used Ctrl + H to show the hidden files and found Thunderbird in home/[me]/.thunderbird but it won’t let me in - the dreaded ‘permission denied’

I tried logging in with my password but it won’t take it. I searched the forum but couldn’t find an answer.

Any suggestions gratefully received…