Red Hat Linux 5

Can someone help me get a free copy of Red Hat Linux 5 or 6 ?

Redhat 5 or 6 ?! Really?! What for???

I’m guessing you mean Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 (currently 5.5) or 6 (beta)?
and not the original Redhat 5 (1997) or 6 (1999) releases

Question still stands… why?

Any reason not to use Fedora 13 instead?

AFAIK there is no free version of RHEL, so that leaves you with paying or pirating…

Redhat 5/6 does indeed date back to the 90’s, and since their current offering is called RHEL and as the stable version only runs up to V5 … (!)

If you want or need to pay Redhat for support, or for specific optional add-ons they may have developed, that’s all well and good. But paying them for software mostly developed by other people that can be obtained freely from other sources … well … seems a bit daft to me (!)

Hands up who wants to pay $200 a year to run something very similar to Ubuntu on their desktop, or $1500 if they want to stick it on “a” server?
… Mmm … thought not … :wink:

And if you want a “good” / historical version of Redhat, Redhat 9 was the last before the three-ring-circus that is “Fedora”, came into being …
(RH9 was actually a very good (and free) product!)