Remember when ..

Rebooting your computer was a tea making event?
This was captured in real-time using xvid.

This is running off two machines, the server has a ZFS based RAID array and is serving up over the network via two ethernet ports via Gluster. (Redhat’s new network storage software) The instance is running on an 11.10 KVM host with an 8G image which sits on the mounted gluster filesystem. dd reports around 200Mbytes/sec for transfers to/from the network filesystem, on the server ZFS reports around 400Mbytes per sec using a striped read over 4 drives.

(it’s all cheap commodity kit - nothing fancy)

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jeez … that’s quick … if only they could get the desktop version to boot locally that quickly :slight_smile:

Wait what? Bloody hell that’s quick.

I blinked, was that a re-boot?

Yeh … shutdown and startup … the startup was stupidly quick … okay, the server edition, so no GUI, but still damn fast.

My NAS seems to boot fast, but about 3 secs slower than this even with the old hardware in it.

The server edition has much less stuff to load at bootup.

But even so …

My reboot is under a minute, I know thats slow compared to what we just saw here but … compared to Windoze…
Anyways, I do have some stuff I want to remove…
Compiz (Ive also seen a ‘Compiz-1’, is that norm?)
And Ubuntu One needs fixing
(Maybe in a new thread I’ll ask…)

KVM instances reboot even quicker … on a hard reboot, the machine loses it’s memory cache … with KVM the host retains it’s memory cache so you can end up with everything needed still in page cache …

Does this explain why my VPS is now back to rebooting quicker than I can swap to an already open web browser and check my website is back up, or quicker than I can restart openvpn and ssh back in :slight_smile:

It was quick to begin with … then reboot times slowed right down … now its immensely quick again :slight_smile: