Remembered Password Recovey

Hello folks,

Had a bit of a blunder, I think I regain web disk access to my website and the window popped up asking for user name and password (for website web disk). I duly entered this and clicked the remember forever option for the password. But I think I got the password wrong and now the window won’t re-appear. Is there any way to cancel saved passwords?


Do you mean that you’ve connected to a WebDAV share (cPanel call it Web Disk) in Ubuntu’s nautilus file manager, then bookmarked it ?
(ie. through Nautilus “Connect to Server” dialog ?)

If so, just delete the bookmark, and set it up again.

The proper way in Ubuntu, would be to start “Passwords and Keys” (it’s in the menus somewhere), then look for the connection in the “Passwords” tab (probably under login) then right-click it and select “Delete”.

If that’s NOT what you mean, can you explain.

Yet again you have come to the rescue. However, I’m still not connecting. Does Port 2078 mean anything to you?

See the bit I added above about the “proper way” to remove a stored password in Ubuntu.

port:2078 … is that the port it wants you to connect on ? … as in

Yes, that’s right.

So what’s the problem ?


Hmm, something HAS sprung to mind … which version of Ubuntu are you using ?

The Cpanel mentions to make sure that access to this port is available and not blocked by the firewall. I don’t think I even have a firewall.

The davs:// route is just timing out with an error message of no response followed by another of destination not mounted.

Which version of Ubuntu are you using ?

xbmcbuntu, with a few additions as I’v ben finding my way. It’s getting close to how peppermint felt now, though some of the system functions may be missing. I cannot yet find which version of ubuntu it is built on but it is an LXDE platform.

I can tell you Ubuntu 11.04 will NOT connect to WebDAV shares … but 11.10 will.

I’m trying to find out if 10.10 had the same issue, or if it’s just 11.04.

Ok, I shall carry on trying to find out which version it is built on. I’d suspect it’s going to be older than the most recent version.

They call the Live edition “10.1” … so I’m guessing it’s based on 10.10 (Maverick)

In 11.04 (Peppermint really), so far I’ve managed to mount a WebDAV share and can access the files, but I cannot write to the share.

How I hear you ask … (thanks to the Mad Penguin).

Create a directory in your home folder called sommat like WebDisk

then you need davfs2 installed:

sudo apt-get install davfs2

Then mount the WebDAV share with:
sudo mount.davfs /home//WebDisk

The terminal will then prompt you for the WebDAV shares login and password.

As I said, this (in 11.04 at least) will give you READ-ONLY access though.

Actually I can CREATE a text file on the share … but I cannot edit it … seems the implementation of WebDAV is screwed up in 11.04 :frowning: … though it works perfectly in 11.10 … sorry but I haven’t tested it in other versions.

Thanks once again, I shall have a play tomorrow. Off to bed now. As always, your help and guidance (not to mention patience) is very much appreciated!


No problem … good luck :slight_smile:

Just a thought, but if WebDAV is important to you maybe you’d be better off starting with something Like Lubuntu 11.10 (Ubuntu with the LXDE desktop), dump what you don’t need, then install XBMC from a PPA.

As outlined here:

Hello, sorry I went a bit quiet for the last few days but Virgin had a bit of a problem and I had hardly any internet access. Mostly fixed now but I am trying to get a new modem out of them with built in wired and wireless router. Should hopefully resolve one or two minor issues we have on our little network. This might also resolve the webdisk access problem as I’m begining to think it is the router that’s upsetting the apple cart.

Yeh, let us know … but I doubt if any version of Ubuntu before 11.10 will work properly with WebDAV … which is why I’m interested :slight_smile: